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noun | blue-print | \-.print

  1. : something resembling a blueprint (as in serving as a model or providing guidance);
    especially : a detailed plan or program of action ~a blueprint for victory~

Blueprint Club Consulting uses 20 years of industry experience and a powerful new software model to provide capital strategies and planning for private Clubs. The Club Blueprint will provide a financial roadmap for your Club by properly planning out your Clubs capital expenditures and developing capital generation funding strategies to ensure your Clubs viability and long-range success.

“Eric and Blueprint Club Consulting provide the experience and technology necessary to deliver dynamic, executive level data expected in today’s sophisticated and modern board room. The interactive platform is a powerful decision making tool that will elevate the board room discussion and bring real value to your role as COO in shaping and informing the dialogue. I now have the capital resources I need to drive success in our club and to fund several strategies for the Board’s consideration such as deferred maintenance, reserve study requirements and future improvement projects."

-Frank Cordeiro, CCM
Chief Operating Officer, Diablo Country Club

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Complimentary Capital Opportunities Assessment

Your Club’s complimentary Capital Opportunities Assessment will compare your Club’s current capital investment vs. Industry Best Practices and will identify your greatest opportunities for increased capital generation. To take advantage of this opportunity, Click Here »